Fake Air Force Memo Exposed- Part 2  


Bill Moore and the Roswell Incident: The True Believers Deceived

By Robert G. Todd

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  Part 2: Draft of Collection Memorandum

The first page of the collection memo was retyped on the fake without alterations of any kind, except for the unusual classification markings. The first substantive alteration to the genuine text appears in paragraph 4.

The genuine document says:

This strange object, or phenomenon, may be considered, in view of certain observations, as long-range aircraft capable of a high rate of climb, high cruising speed (possibly sub-sonic at all times) and highly maneuverable and capable of being flown in very tight formation. For the purpose of analysis and evaluation of the so-called "flying saucer" phenomenon, the object sighted is being assumed to be a manned aircraft, of Russian origin, and based on the perspective thinking and actual accomplishments of the Germans.

The portions in the above quote in underlined italics highlight information the forger deliberately omitted from the fake version, or otherwise rearranged or altered from the text in the original version, in an obvious attempt to make the document appear more mysterious than it really is. By removing the phrase, "possibly sub-sonic at all times," the forger hoped to remove clear proof that the drafters of the genuine document were thinking in terms of terrestrial aircraft, and not extraterrestrial spaceships. Likewise, in removing the "air" from the word "aircraft" to form the word "craft," the forger further attempted to add a sense of mystery to the documents, and by implication suggested that the prevailing opinion among the military personnel "in the know" was that the flying saucers weren't merely advanced aircraft of terrestrial origin, but instead were extremely advanced craft of extraterrestrial origin, capable of flight both in the atmosphere and in space. These are subtle -- but substantive and highly effective -- changes to the genuine text.

Paragraph 6 of the genuine document included the following passage:

A recent report indicates that the Russians are now planning to build a fleet of 1,800 Horten VIII (six engine pusher) type flying wing aircraft. The wing span is 131 feet. The sweepback angle is 30 degrees. The Russian version is reported to be jet propelled.

The passage quoted above was deleted entirely from the fake version for obvious reasons.

One hundred percent of the genuine document was geared toward the idea that some type of object was flying around, and the thinking within Air Force intelligence (AFIN) was that the most likely source for the aircraft was the Russians. based on the Horten brothers' flying wing designs. The genuine documents are logical and internally consistent, whereas the changes the forger made in the fake documents render them illogical and internally inconsistent. The forger would have us believe that AFIN knew from the Roswell incident that the flying saucers were alien spacecraft -- that they really came from outer space -- but they wasted the time of countless intelligence personnel in the pointless search for the Horten brothers, their sister, and their associates who had knowledge of their flying wing designs, when such information obviously had nothing whatever to do with alien spacecraft -- unless the forger intends to propose the ridiculous idea that Adolph Hitler entered into an intergalactic pact with the aliens under which the Nazis were furnished with advanced extraterrestrial technology that was captured by the Russians following World War II! The fake documents don't make sense, but the genuine documents do make sense. There is no better proof that the fake documents are indeed fake.

  "Draft" Enclosure No. 1

This fake document contains the largest number of alterations. The very first page of the genuine document contains handwritten cross references to other decimal numbers and file titles, handwritten notations that do NOT appear on the fake version. Other notable differences include the following:

1. Subparagraph 1a of both the fake and genuine documents asks, "What German scientists had a better-than-average knowledge of the Horten brothers' work and perspective thinking; where are these scientists now located, and what is their present activity?" But the genuine document goes on to say, "Should be contacted and interrogated," whereas the fake document says, "These should be contacted and interrogated." In short, the genuine document contains an incomplete sentence, which the fake document corrects. Even more curious is the fact that the collection memo, as it was finally published, also contains the incomplete sentence, "Should be contacted and interrogated," which is further proof that the genuine document was the document used to produce the published version!

This peculiar discrepancy may help identify the forger as a teacher (or former teacher) who simply couldn't stand to see an incomplete sentence in an official government document -- or as somebody who suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) whose affliction simply wouldn't allow him to repeat the incomplete sentence in the fake. It is a peculiar discrepancy indeed, especially in light of the published version.

2. Having omitted a sizable portion of paragraph 6 from the other document, the forger felt free (if not compelled) to omit three subparagraphs from his fake "Draft Enclosure No. 1," concerning the information deleted from the other document. These three subparagraphs, 1b, c, and d, asked what Russian factories are building the Horten VIII design, why are they building 1,800 of the planes, and what is the Russians' tactical purpose for building the planes -- all questions that make it abundantly clear that the only source for the saucers given any credence by AFIN was the Russians. The remaining paragraphs in the fake were moved up in place of the deleted subparagraphs.

3. A revealing alteration appears in paragraph 3, "Items of Construction" Paragraph 3b of the genuine document says:

Composite or sandwich construction utilizing various combinations of metals plastics, and perhaps balsa wood.

But (with the fake additions highlighted), paragraph 3 of the fake document says:

Composite or sandwich construction utilizing various combinations of metals, metallic foils. plastics, and perhaps balsa wood or similar material.

If the fake draft were genuine there would have been no good, logical reason to delete the references to "metallic foils" and "similar materials" from the final version -- no logical, credible reason whatsoever. Yet this is exactly what the forger expects us to believe, and no doubt he/she/it will manufacture all kinds of absurd reasons for these supposed deletions.

4. Paragraph 3c also was altered by omitting genuine text. The fake says, "Unusual fabrication methods to achieve extreme light weight and structural stability," whereas the genuine document actually says, "Unusual fabrication methods to achieve extreme light weight and structural stability particularly in connection with great capacity for fuel storage."

Again, the forger omitted the highlighted genuine text because it attributed the flying saucers to terrestrial technology, and not to super advanced alien technology.

5. The same motivation appears to be behind the forger's omission of information from paragraph 4, "Items of Arrangement." Paragraph 4 in the genuine document says:

h. Bomb bay provisions, such as dimensions, approximate location, and unusual features regarding the opening and closing of the doors.

Whereas subparagraphs 4h and 4i in the fake document say:

h. Unusual features or provisions regarding the opening and closing of the doors.

i. Bomb bay provisions, such as dimensions and approximate location.

The highlighted portions from the genuine document clearly referred to the location and operation of bomb bay doors on unconventional (but terrestrial) aircraft -- not to the location and operation of exotic alien doors on extraterrestrial spaceships. Still, the forger cleverly manipulated the genuine text to add weight to the idea of extraterrestrial origin. Most important of all, however, the forger manipulated the genuine text to validate the Roswell incident, which is yet another clue to the forger's identity.

Paragraph 5, "Landing Gear," in the fake document had phony additions made to the genuine text:

a. indicate type of landing gear -- whether conventional, tricycle, multiple wheel, etc., or of an unconventional type such as tripod or skid.

Obviously, a "tripod" arrangement would be useful only for aircraft capable of vertical take-offs and landings. Otherwise, we might reasonably expect a tripod (as opposed to a tricycle) arrangement to dig into the ground upon landing and flip the aircraft over. The genuine document contains no reference to tripod landing gear, although it does mention a skid arrangement for landing, which certainly isn't beyond reason, even for conventional aircraft.

7. Paragraph 6c(4) in the genuine document says, "Type of fuel," whereas the same paragraph in the fake memo says, "Type of fuel, or, conversely, lack of visible fuel supply."

The fake documents contain other, minor differences, but the points addressed above are more than sufficient to show that the fake documents are indeed fakes, and that, through the omission of genuine text and the addition of fake text, the forger attempted to add mystery to the draft collection memo, and attempted to make the UFO field believe the primary motivation behind the memo was the crashed alien spaceship supposedly recovered during the Roswell incident. The fake documents were designed specifically to validate the Roswell incident, in much the same way the fake MJ-12 documents were designed to validate the Roswell incident.

There exists at least one other version of the collection memo. It was released last year by the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) after they reviewed old intelligence records that had not been indexed previously.

  Essential Elements of Information (EEI)

INSCOM released several hundred pages of records related to flying saucers. Included among those records was a letter, dated 21 October 1947, from the Office of the Deputy Director of Intelligence, Headquarters. European Command, to the Assistant Chief of Staff, A-2 (Intelligence), U.S. Air Forces in Europe. The subject of the letter was, "Transmittal of EEI on Alleged 'Flying Saucer'."

The "EEI" cited in the letter's subject line was the "Essential Elements of Information" which the letter stated had been "written by WRIGHT FIELD, OHIO, concerning the flying saucers recently sighted over the UNITED STATES." The letter further stated:

For your information, the Air Materiel Command at WRIGHT FIELD is making a study of this subject and is constructing models to be tested in a wind tunnel. As a guide in construction the models, descriptions from various persons who claimed to have sighted these objects were used. The Air Materiel Command is of the opinion that some sort of object, such as the flying saucer, did exist.

The 21 October 1947 letter also contains a "memo for record" ("M/R") which reads: "Enclosed EEI was given this office by Lt Col Seashore of the Air Materiel Command."

The EEI that accompanied the 21 October letter is titled, "AIR INTELLIGENCE GUIDE for ALLEGED 'FLYING SAUCER' TYPE AIRCRAFT," and bears no date, although, obviously, it had to have been prepared prior to 21 October 1947. In fact, related correspondence released by INSCOM shows the EEI had to have been prepared before 20 October 1947.

Like the genuine draft collection memo, and the final, published collection memo, the EEI makes no mention of "interplanetary craft" or "metallic foils," but instead concentrates exclusively on flying wing designs developed by the Horten brothers, and the German High Command's "definite interest" in these designs toward the end of World War II. And like the other genuine documents, the EEI -- which definitely was prepared at Wright Field where the Roswell myth says the debris from the alien spaceship was taken -- expresses the need to contact and interrogate the Horten brothers, their sister, and their associates who might have information on their unconventional designs. In fact, INSCOM released a large quantity of records which detail the efforts of Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) agents in Europe to locate and interrogate these people, and the documents report on these efforts in some detail. Interestingly, one of the documents includes a drawing of a Horten aircraft design which depicts an aircraft with what appears to be a dome, and shows how the pilot would fly the plane while lying belly-down under the dome.

Perhaps the most important feature of the EEI is the fact that -- with minor, non-substantive exceptions -- it uses language identical to the language used in the genuine draft collection memo, and in the final, published memo. Substantively, the EEI is identical to the genuine draft and final versions of the memo. The language used in the EEI is so much like the language used in the genuine draft memo that there is no doubt in my mind that the EEI was the basis for the draft memo Schulgen submitted for publication. The basic points covered in the three documents may be organized a little differently in each version, but they all say the same thing.

Ultimately, the technical intelligence (T-2) personnel at Wright Field were responsible for the contents of the genuine draft memo. And it is clear from the records released by INSCOM that the T-2 personnel had relied on the descriptions furnished by witnesses who claimed to have sighted flying saucers. They were even building models for tests in a wind tunnel, based on the descriptions the witnesses gave -- and not on recovered debris from Roswell.

Again, the contents of the fake documents are illogical and internally inconsistent, and no amount of twisted reasoning and preposterous theorizing on the part of the Roswell promoters can explain away the illogic and the inconsistencies. It makes NO sense to waste valuable time and resources hunting down the Horten brothers and their associates if the U.S. government had already recovered a crashed alien spaceship in New Mexico -- NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! The story these fake documents tell is downright stupid, which is more than enough evidence to show they are fakes.

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