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Having received some limited commentary to my initial article on this subject from fellow UFOlogists of various persuasions, I now offer this follow up piece with the hopes that my attempts at “clarification” will serve to solidify everyone’s grasp on the meaning of these essays, while also curbing the objections of self-appointed experts who have embraced the woefully errant notion of saucer crash recovery and cover up reality.

Elvis and the ETs-- Copyright Matt Graeber

The first thing I’d like to mention concerns the mysterious tin foil-like material allegedly discovered and handled at the debris field. One top Roswell expert contacted me to point out that some of the pieces were larger than small scraps of foil I spoke of in my essay, and indeed, this is a consistent feature of the Roswell myth.

However, Bruce Hutchinson, webmaster of “Roswellfiles.com” has advised me “The descriptions [of Debris] from those who allegedly handled it was pretty consistent, in that the foil had a “Fabric backing” which, was not in heavy use in 1947,” so, the silvery material was very much like that of the damaged radar reflector shown in the now famous General Ramey telex photographs, not at all like thin, mysterious metallic foil which flowed out like water after being crumpled in one’s hand. Not at all like the metallic debris which withstood repeated sledge hammer blows and welder’s torches. It was some sort of fabric with a silvery single-sided surface, nothing other worldly at all.

Therefore, if I am correct about the Aztec, NM, saucer crash/landing story of 1948 being not only a very clumsy hoax (Which has been resurrected from time- to-time by several self-appointed “UFO Experts” and given starting “New” details and embellishments) I would not be proving anything new regarding the case which started out as a pathetic con game

However, by pointing to the distinct probability the hoax story of 1948 was the “Format” upon which the Roswell case was also resurrected and embellished with startling new details of similar variety is more than obvious to those who are willing to approach the topic with objective reasoning, the application of basic logic and good old down-to-earth common sense.

Perhaps, the fact that both the Aztec hoax and the Roswell myth may be rooted in the subconscious fantasies spawned in our youth by tales of crashed airships of the late 1800’s and the bodies of their little pilots being buried in unmarked Texas graves was the cryptogenic nucleus of this sort of science fiction (?) You know, the very best science fiction stories seem to have been written when we were about 12 years old - no matter how old we actually may be today - not to mention a similar romantic fondness for sci-fi motion pictures like “War of the Worlds” “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “The Thing for another world” which may have impacted us on levels of our psyche we never realized or imagined. (?)

Perhaps, this is way so many of saucerdom’s more vocal movers and shakers are elderly children of the 1940’s and 1950’s generations. Kids weaned on Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon adventures in the Sunday morning funny papers and Saturday afternoon Matinee serials.

However, subconscious links between the mysterious airships of our great grandparent’s day and the modern-day flying saucer craze lack the key elements of conscious and subconscious “Fears and “anxieties” associated with the emergence and unchecked usage of the aerial arsenals of the mid-twentieth century. The age of modern-man had suffered a severe psychological shock which “rekindled” long-latent fears and superstitions, much like those of our ancient forbearer’s concerning awesome and terrible things coming from the skies.

Did you know, as late as the mid-eighteenth century Colonial American fire companies allowed houses struck by lighting to burn to the ground because it was believed to be “God’s Will.” Benjamin Franklin’s invention of the lighting rod ended that practice and curbed the wide spread superstition. However, the superstition involving the anticipation and expectation of fantastic space craft traversing the cosmos piloted by alien intelligences who are keeping a “benevolent” eye on us has yet to be properly addressed.

You’ll note, a marked “Shift” from the long-held belief and anticipation in “Divine Intervention” regarding human fears to an “Assumed” Technologically Advanced savior based entirely upon the mathematically established statistical probability of alien civilizations probably existing somewhere in the vast reaches of the cosmos. To date such a civilization’s existence has not been established, and the reason for statistical probability is because of things which lie outside of the norm. Does this mean there are no alien civilizations? No, it simply means one hasn’t been found yet by our astronomers. Moreover, if one does exist we have no way of incontrovertibly determining they’ve detected our presence with their technological devices..

Compounding the issue still further, is the fact IF there are alien civilizations flourishing somewhere in the vast cosmic soup, the chances of them finding us is like two grains of sand searching for one another on Atlantic and Pacific coast beaches. The statistical probably in this case is a double-edged sword. In other words, “yes” an alien civilization probably does exist but, it is probably “not” coming here.

Indeed, the “dark side” of our own technological weaponry advancements are being psychically offset by the” light side” of assumed swollen-headed little creatures (Or techno-angels) saucer crash myths and the finding of little alien bodies which have become the “Foundation” of this new age religiosity. There is absolutely nothing new in this estimate of the UFO situation and I am not alone with my convictions

Dr. Carl G. Jung (1875-1961) world-famous Swiss psychiatric pioneer who gave us the psychological concepts of “Introversion and Extroversion” pointed it out quite clearly in his landmark 1958 book “Flying Saucers, a modern myth of things seen in the skies.” Unfortunately, Dr. Jung died before the Roswell and Aztec myths were fully-endowed with the alleged finding of relics like techno-angel cadavers and the cries of suppression of the modern-day religion’s saucer evidence by unscrupulous government and military operatives. Indeed, the very dark forces responsible for the development of nuclear weapons which threaten our lives.

These fears were not developed in an instant. It took years of cold war antagonism, mistrust and international tensions to imbed them in our psyches. Yes, we won the cold war by out-spending the Soviet Union but, did nothing to rectify the psychological damage of the protracted stressful ordeal.

Naturally, this psychical affliction was not passed on to the younger generations of UFO enthusiasts. Rather, they have been caught up in the fantasies of the self-appointed “experts” concerning the UFO phenomenon because those fantasies are exciting, mysterious, sci-fi like and romantic. That these decades old fantasies have developed into a lucrative cottage industry for some UFOlogists is also self evident!

Many of today’s young UFO enthusiast’s lack the living experiences necessary to formulate a well-informed estimate of the UFO situation and the saucer crash myth. Instead, they suffer the compounded infliction of saucer dogma espoused by fringy promotional elements of the UFO sub-culture who present their distorted arguments as scientific evidence. While some of these individuals may be self-promoters and charlatans, others are obviously sincere and well-meaning folks. However, “misguided” good intentions are of little value in the real world and provide noting toward the advancement of our collective knowledge on the phenomenon.

I am not completely alone with my thoughts and empirical observations on this matter. Let’s discuss the Aztec, NM, hoax for example. It is UFOlogy;s Dracula - as one Internet writer aptly points out - Aztec simply will not die no matter how many staked are driven through its heart! It has been resuscitated many times over, propped up and given a fresh spin. Yet, despite all the creative folly, the sad facts remain like tell-tale bones found at an archeological dig. It was and always will be a hoax.

Even several proponents of the Aztec UFO Crash have their doubts and have expressed them in Internet posts, on TV and while speaking at UFO symposia.

Stanton Friedman in 1999 agreed with arch-skeptic, Dave Thomas, Technical Consultant to CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) about the Aztec case being a hoax. While appearing on Albuquerque television station KOAT-TV channel 7, Mr. Friedman stated “There was no UFO recovered at Aztec in 1948.” However, by 2001 Mr. Friedman wasn’t sure and then changed his mind completely on the matter a bit later. Mr. Friedman sent me an unsolicited e-mail suggesting I read the recent researches of Mr. Scott Ramsey on the Aztec crash… presumably, after reading one of my essays on the hoax posted at the Alien’s Ate My Buick Blog.
Source: New Mexicans for Science and Reason “The Aztec UFO scam” ForteanTimes #81 – Mar.2004

I followed Mr. Friedman’s advice and did read a posting by Mr. Ramsey about his much touted DVD presentation on the Aztec, New Mexico, crash. It opened with the following …“Unfortunately, as with so many issues, information on UFOs can get lumped together, distorted or mistaken. The Authenticity of the Aztec UFO crash/landing of 1948 a debatable topic.” I interpreted Mr. Ramsey’s carefully chosen words to be a “disclaimer” of sorts.
Source: Scott Ramsey presents the Aztec, New Mexico Crash DVD “www.ufocongressstore.com”

Indeed, FATE Magazine (long-time publisher of proponent UFO articles) had this to say about Mr. William Steinman’s 1987 investigative book “UFO Crash at Aztec” [The book] draws on speculation, rumor, unnamed informants and unbridled paranoia to defend and elaborate on the original story.” A very polite way of saying Steinman has echoed Frank Scully who was allegedly sucked into a con game by the originators of the Aztec hoax, Silas M. Newton and Leo A. GeBauer, a.k.a. the infamous Dr. Gee - Scully was the first to write about Aztec in 1950.

But wait, there’s more. Paul Kimball who is a well-known UFOlogist and the nephew of Stanton Friedman made a documentary film about the Aztec case, of it he wrote… “I made a film about Aztec, which gave both sides their kick at the can. At the time, I thought it was worth a second look, so I gave it one, nothing to see, folks- move on to better cases.”
Source: “Strangegrub.blogspot.com/2007/03/symposium “

Even one Nick Redfern attempts to resurrect Silas Newton’s well-tattered reputation by asserting Newton’s diary indicates, the military and FBI knew the Aztec crash was bogus but, nevertheless, requested Newton continue to spread the story for “unexplained” government reasons.

Thus, opening the door to suggesting the case remains anything but closed and adding a smattering of “conspiracy” to the yarn. Redfern’s article goes into quite a bit of detail about Newton and GeBauer (an anti-Semite and Hitler fan) the pair were considered as, and convicted of being unbridled con artists. Yet, in the close of his piece Mr. Redfern ponders the “assumed” reliability of Silas Newton’s self-serving and unsubstantiated statements to news people concerning his lack of knowledge about UFOs, as well as, similar entries found within the pages of his diary. However, the accuracy of Mr. Redfern’s detailed and conspiracy-laced article is marred a wee bit by misidentifying the 1974 Aztec yarn spinner as John Spencer Carr, when his first mane was actually “Robert” for those who may wish to perform a computer search on him.

Moreover, there is a 1970 FBI report which Mr. Redfern cites concerning Mr. Newton’s character. Nick Redfern writes: “Newton was currently under indictment in Los Angeles, California for fraud, returned to Silver City, New Mexico in 1970, and began to organize what appears to be a mining swindle.’

So, it seems, if one cannot save the crash story itself, one might be able to salvage the conman’s veracity…that is “IF” one closes ones eyes and nostrils. I suspect this may be a kind of backdoor approach to promoting the myth. The absolutely amazing thing is the lengths these writers go to keep the Aztec story alive.
Source: Nick Redfern “Incident at Aztec” ForteanTimes Post - Mar .2004

The flip-flopping of positions on the Aztec matter by the upper crust of UFOlogy is both revealing and strange. It may represent a shift towards the Paranormalist view of seeking the truth they “want” rather than accepting what is learned and established through evidence gathering, witness interviews and historical documentation. It is a kind of “feel good” approach to UFOlogy - one in which “self-confirmation and self-deception” supersedes facts, common sense and years of acquired investigative insight - It has even branched into the sub-cultural popularity of ExoPolitics!

Of course, this sort of thing passed off as “Research” is totally unacceptable but, as “UFO entertainment” I suppose it does share a place with other works of science fiction. However, in my view, it’s really modern-day folklore, little more.

And so, there you have them! My thoughts, observations and opinions on the UFO crash myth’s recent reincarnations. You may agree, disagree or be left scratching your head…but, if you ponder what I’ve offered you may reach your own conclusions in the light of “objectivity” sparked by what Dr. Jung called “A Shock of Recognition.”

.... Matt Greaber

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