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In my estimation, there is absolutely no compelling reason not to suspect the much touted Roswell “debris field” and the site of the alleged ill-fated Roswell craft’s final resting place were related. Moreover, the second site was a much later “embellishment” to the original story (i.e., 1947- 1979-80) that’s about 33 years after the fact. (Why didn’t we hear about it earlier?) Moreover, evidence indicates, it may have actually been an embellishment intended to bolster the Aztec, New Mexico, tale of 1948, not the Roswell incident. (?)

In other words, the two sites may be “unrelated” and the result of two separate incidents. Of course, one can only guess what those incidents may have been. But, this guesswork is no more fanciful than the stories which have been linked to the two sites over the years, thanks to ambitious Roswell proponents like Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, Stanton Friedman and a host of others.

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The notion of a UFO skipping across the debris field much like a flattened stone thrown across a body of water, and then, coming to it’s final resting place at another impact point about thirty miles distant is ridiculous as conventionally constructed aircraft would have completely broken up on impact or, shortly after skimming off the ground. In other words, the debris field would consist of the remains of one object, if it were not something dispensed from an object which hadn’t struck the earth at the same particular point in time (i.e., Perhaps, an emission of some sort.)

Moreover, there is also a possibility an object may have struck another aerial object and both would have crashed after the mishap. In that case, the debris field would be comprised of the remains of one or both objects and the second crash site would consist of the second aircraft’s remains if it had survived the initial aerial collision.

Anyone who has ever seen the results of a high speed airplane crash could tell you the plane breaks up immediately upon striking the ground with debris scattered widely about. Even so-called “belly landing” damage disables aircraft, thereby, hindering the craft from re-achieving lift and controllable flight. So, the notion that the Roswell UFO skipped across the field creating a large gouge in the soil (as if it were a bulldozer) and then, somehow re-established itself as a flying object lacks common sense and the accumulated wisdom of many years of aircraft crash investigation and forensic study.

Since we are aware that the debris field in question was well within range of various test launch sites (Rockets and Balloon arrays) from Alamogordo and White Sands, NM, testing grounds - there is a distinct possibility the two crash sites in question were involved in two errant test flights or devices launched from these government testing facilities.

Let’s briefly discuss what “may” have created the appearance of the debris field. The widely scattered small pieces of tinfoil may have been a test of an aircraft’s ability to release and disperse debris over a specified area, much as a crop duster aircraft manages to spray chemicals on a particular area of agricultural field.

Incredible as it may seem, The Aztec UFO hoax has taken on new life at the hands of some very opportunistic "researchers". Matt penned a short note to those who are buying into these "new revelations".

A Second Look at an Old UFOlogical Problem

Scenario No.1

Could there be any reason for such experimentation? Yes, if we assume the dispersal of such tinfoil scraps were linked to the experimentation of releasing low-level dirty (radioactive) materials. This might account for the rapid deployment of troops to cordon off, and thoroughly police the area. It might also explain why witnesses who had collected pieces of the test material - before the military arrived - were sought out and relived of their so-called UFO crash souvenirs. It might also explain why the sheep would not walk through the strange metallic debris lying in the open field at the Foster ranch.

In other words, the sheep may have been spooked by the metallic debris which suddenly appeared on their grazing grounds (?)

Is it possible U.S. Army Air Force generals were interested in developing a method and tactic of delivering deadly but, non-destructive weaponry to the battlefield? ( i.e., A dirty non-explosive dispersal of radioactive debris, which might elude enemy radar detection, sicken and disable troops.)

Scenario No.2

There is also a possibility, a high speed, low-flying aircraft might have been tested and crashed at the sites in question? Perhaps a rocket powered missile-like craft, which could be thought of as a prototype of the cruise missile. Back in 1947, rocket powered aircraft were developed, and both the Germans and the Japanese military had successfully utilized aircraft of this type during WWII,

However, the fanatical Japanese Shinto Militarists had planned to guide their “Cheery Blossom” flying bombs with young kamikaze pilots since precise remote control technology was yet to be developed. Even the Nazi “Buzz Bombs” and “V-2” rockets lacked the desired targeting precision.

So, if the military had been testing a pilot-controlled rocket propelled missile at the time, and if such a device crashed in the desert, one might expect to find badly burned bodies of small stature and unrecognizable features or uniforms. One UFO writer has recently suggested the U.S. military used Japanese POWs for aircraft testing of this type. But, it wouldn’t make much sense for our top brass to put fanatical Kamikaze pilots in high-tech aircraft they might fly directly into the brass’ laps…would it!

So, it appears we are left with the rather nagging problem of not being able to positively link the two incidents, or even, prove a second crash site to the original story exists at all. In other words, we have one “verifiable” incident, and a second “unverifiable” incident which may be a piece of UFO folklore and fantasy. If we should point to the testimony of alleged eyewitnesses we must also allow for discovery and cross-examination of such testimony without pre-concluding the questioning is biased, skeptical and ideologically tainted. When in fact, it is purely “objective” fact finding in character.

This should be of some importance to the serious UFO researcher because establishing that a craft from another civilization in the universe came to Earth is indeed a matter of great historical significance!

This objective scrutiny should apply to everyone, the UFO eyewitnesses, as well as self-appointed UFO experts who claim to be able to establish a genuine UFO incident did occur at the sites in question. Once again, a thorough examination of these data is required. Fact must be separated from fiction, assumption, suspicion, fantasy, speculation and hearsay. So too, the wants, needs and desires of UFO researchers are not to be considered as scientific evidence. They are often merely aspects of human emotion and self-serving assertions of one type or another.

That many of these creations are “agenda-driven” psychical constructs is obvious and should also be considered as these data are evaluated (e.g., The fact that 5 or 6 separate crash sites are said to be the final resting place of a lone ill-fated Roswell UFO is a good indicator of the contemporary crash stories absurdity, misuse and factual impossibility.)

There are other equally nonsensical examples; such as the debris field tinfoil resisting sledge hammer strikes, metal cutting techniques and exposure to welder’s torches - yet, it was said to have been discovered lying on the ground in “many” pieces/fragments and was discolored as if it had been exposed to extreme heat - Moreover, despite the above mentioned extraordinary resistant characteristics of the light weigh metallic debris, it was also said to yield to simple hand-held crumpling and it would flow out like water to its original shape when released. (i.e. the much touted, memory metal!)

If I were to close my eyes to the absurdity of these claims and argue the UFO is constructed of some unknown materials, with fantastic characteristics. Then, I would also be forced to accept the notion of UFOs being both hard and soft to the touch, heat resistant yet burnt. Massive enough to produce a large gouge in the desert soil and yet, light enough to skip off the ground like a Frisbee and travel to another distant geographical location.

If you should still believe this is possible, probable or likely, there is absolutely nothing I can add to my arguments concerning your acceptance of the Roswell UFO crash supposition. But wait, there’s more to the UFO crash epidemic currently infecting the sub-culture and investigative logic of Saucerdom. It is also my contention (based on first-hand field investigation and decades-long research experience) that the much touted Aztec, New Mexico, crash of 1948 and the alleged crash retrieval and cover up of a downed UFO at Carbondale, Pa, in 1974 are “completely bogus” and entirely without merit.

I shall not bother to explore and expose the Carbondale Caper’s nonsense at this juncture, as that would be quite frivolous of me and a complete waste of your reading time. However, I will demonstrate the Roswell Myth (as it is presently constituted) has its origin in the Aztec yarn of 1948. So, for those of you who will keep in mind the modern-day Roswell story - which includes the retrieval of alien bodies and a supposed second crash site being discovered after the alleged ill-fated object skipped off the ground at the Foster ranch was not part of the original story of post-war days, but rather, a much later “embellishment.”

 There are, of course, two more possible explanations for the debris-  the classic "alien spaceship" claim, and the Mogul Radar Reflector from the NYU research project at Alamogordo.
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