The Roswell UFO Incident- The Roswell Files

A Crashed Flying Saucer? An Alien Base at Area 51?   The story of the Roswell Incident has it all- UFOs, the Majestic-12 government conspiracy, alien bodies, cover-ups, a missing nurse... the stuff of legends.  But like all popular legends, there are as many versions as there are Storytellers.

The Truth about Roswell may be "out there", but it has been shrouded by faulty and conflicting memories, hoaxes- and sometimes, deliberate lies.

The Roswell Incident
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First alerted by Lt. Haut's now famous press release, The Nation's Newspapers gave the public a brief thrill back in 1947. Take a look at how the Incident was reported, and the first-hand accounts of some of the principle witnesses.
In 1978, UFO researchers re-discovered the details of The Roswell Incident when Jesse Marcel first told his story to Stanton Friedman. Since then, the Roswell Incident has become the most researched UFO event in history. The Storytellers.
Soon after Jesse Marcel told his story to Stan Friedman and Bill Moore, The Witnesses (one researcher claims over 600!) began to step forward. But the stories they told are full of contradictions, and sometimes deceptions.
What does The Government know... and when did they know it? Conspiracy advocates have long maintained that the government is hiding artifacts, technology and aliens recovered from the crashed spaceships. Information retrieved through The FOIA, and reports from the FBI, CIA and the GAO would seem to indicate otherwise

There are those who think that what Mac Brazel stumbled upon, and Major Jesse Marcel recovered, was indeed a crashed saucer- complete with its alien crew. They are adamant that the Air Force/ Government is hiding The Truth deep in the bowels of Top Secret. More books, articles and research have been done about The Roswell Incident than any other event in the history of UFO's. But the same dedicated research that has made Roswell so famous has also turned up countless inconsistencies, gross elaboration, and strong indications that some of the evidence was hoaxed.

Yet, despite the confusion, there are many who believe that what Mac Brazel found was proof positive that we are being visited by beings from another world. Spurred by numerous books, the popular press and television, the hard-core faithful and curiosity seekers alike have made the once sleepy town of Roswell, New Mexico the Mecca of UFO-ology.

 This site is designed to give you an analytical look at the events, the people, and those that have brought us the Roswell Story.  There is much here that is very skeptical in focus, but to be considered part of a valid explanation, any and all evidence presented must be able to withstand critical analysis. As you will see, there is much that cannot.

What really did happen back in 1947?
The best evidence available is always the data collected soonest after the occurrence

All indications from this Best Evidence- Mac Brazel's interview with the Roswell Daily Record; J.B. Johnson's photographs; Press reports from early July, 1947... all point to a simple case of mistaken identity.

Papers obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that date from this time period are consistent with the explanation that a Mogul Balloon with a radar reflector was what Mac Brazel found. Yet... It is the stories that surfaced some 30 to 40 years later, conflicting though they are, that have riveted the attention of the public. These tales have been buttressed by accusations of a massive Government Conspiracy to account for contradictions with the initial reports.

So- what is the truth? Well, wander through these pages and judge for yourself.